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By definition, technical diving exceeds the limits of recreational diving for non-professional purposes. Technical diving exposes the diver to hazards beyond those normally associated with recreational diving, but this risk can be reduced by acquiring the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience through specialised training. 



The technical side of the PADI system is called "TecRec", emphasizing the definition that this is still scuba diving for recreational purposes.  TecRec is a natural progression for those divers who wonder what there is to see below the traditional recreational limit of 40m, and who want to experience longer and more involved dives. believes that, for PADI Professionals, the advantages of Technical diving are as numerous as they are personal.  Here are some of the more widely relevant reasons to Tech Dive:

  1. The more advanced training of the TecRec programs gives PADI Pros a better understanding of the more complicated sides of our sport e.g. decompression theory, gas narcosis, and gas toxicity.

  2. Holding a depth rating that exceeds the one you can teach to is prudent, to be able to manage depth related issues. e.g. if you can teach Deep Diver (40m), you should, at least, have a 45m rating.

  3. Technical diving requires the diver to truly master buoyancy.  If you really want to teach your own students good buoyancy, your skills should be the best they can, and technical diving can help with that.

  4. Technical diving, by necessity, creates an increased level of self-sufficiency.  Scuba Diving professionals must be self-sufficient so that they can take good care of their students, and the extra level gained as a technical diver can only serve to improve their teaching abilities.


PADI TecRec courses available through

  • Discover Tec

  • Tec 40

  • Tec 45

  • Tec 50

  • Tec Instructor

  • Tec Deep Instructor

Please note: hyperlinks lead to the website of our training location in Melbourne, Aquatic Adventures, for more information on the specific courses

Tec-Rec courses are run through our sister company, Aquatic Adventures, and all scheduling and course information can be found on their website.

If you would like to combine some Tec-Rec training with your Instructor Development training then contact us and we will create a personalised training program for you.

Becoming a TecRec Instructor

Teaching TecRec courses gives you a massive advantage over many of your fellow instructors.  Not only can you take your students further on their scuba journey, but you can also attract a different kind of customer - those whose previous instructor couldn't help them gain the skills they wanted.

The process of qualifying to teach TecRec courses is somewhat more involved than standard Instructor training.  This is because a major part of becoming a TecRec Instructor involves the candidate assisting on actual courses - essentially learning by doing.

For those who are interested in becoming a TecRec Instructor, offers an innovative new program, whereby we integrate PADI TecRec training into our Instructor Development courses, and then into a continuing education program.  This program allows you to develop the necessary skills to add Technical Instruction to your repertoire at your own pace.

Pre-requisities specific to Tec-Rec courses:

  • PADI Deep Diver rating

  • PADI Enriched Air Diver rating

  • Minimum 50 logged dives

Pre-requisites specific to all Tec-Rec courses at AAA Scuba:

  • A full set of your own personal Technical Diving equipment is required to participate in a Tec Instructor course - for full details of what that includes, contact us.  

Pre-requisites specific to Tec-Rec Instructor courses:

  • Current, in-teaching status PADI MSDT

  • PADI Deep Diver Instructor rating

  • PADI Enriched Air Diver Instructor rating

  • Minimum 10 Deep Diver students certified

  • Minimum 10 Enriched Air students certified

  • Tec 45 (or equivalent) rating

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