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At, we believe that the experience we have gained across our years in the Scuba Diving industry is not something that should benefit us alone.  Having worked worldwide, and with prior commercial experience bases ranging from marketing, to recruitment, sales, strategic planning and HR, we can offer a wealth of knowledge to companies who are looking to expand their brand.  Couple this experience with the extensive training abilities of our staff, and we can tailor our consultancy services to help any dive business grow in potential and profit.

Examples of our service offerings are as follows:


For dive centres who are looking to start Instructor Development programs, or who are looking for a Course Director to run IDCs and help them grow their Instructor base, offers consultancy services, as well as the use of our own Course Directors, to help make these programs possible.


For many dive centres, having staff who can up-sell customers onto continuing education courses, into new equipment, and on to existing trips and excursions, is a constant battle. offers consultancy and training to up-skill existing staff so that they can help maximise the business potential.


In an increasingly digital world, marketing of dive centre activities has become an essential aspect of running a successful business. offers consultancy services to help design and implement an effective marketing strategy aimed at growing existing businesses through the development of new profit avenues and the expansion of existing services.

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The development of specialised training programs can help a dive centre to maximise their potential within their target market.  Whether this is through the creation of distinctive specialty courses within the PADI framework, or through the implementation of existing programs that had previously not been associated to the area, can offer a tailor-made service to grow a company's service offering.

Contact us today to set up a call to discuss your needs, and we will tailor make a solution to help you grow your business:

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