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Originally from the UK, Ollie has worked all over the world as a Scuba Instructor.  His career as a Scuba Diving professional has taken him round Europe, through the Red Sea, throughout South East Asia, and all around Australia.  Add dive trips to the Mediterranean, Africa, and around the Pacific islands, and it is safe to say Ollie's scuba diving experience base is truly global, and he has learned to adapt his diving, and his teaching techniques, to any and all environments.

Ollie is a mother-tongue English speaker, which is very useful in Australia, where he now makes his home, however he also speaks fluent French and is a strong German speaker (just don't ask him to write in German).

Before he decided to pursue Scuba Diving as a full-time career, Ollie worked in a variety of office-based jobs, both in London & Paris.  His pre-professional-diving career covered Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Software development & Recruitment.  He managed multi-national teams, across disparate time zones, and was responsible for dealing with some of the world's largest companies.  Ollie decided to completely give up the corporate city life and pursue the dream of being a full-time dive Instructor in 2012 (having previously worked part-time as an Instructor in his spare time), and hasn't looked back since.

After he achieved his goal of becoming a PADI Course Director in March 2018, Ollie purchased Aquatic Adventures, a 5-Star PADI Instructor Development Centre in Victoria, Australia.  He now runs that business, giving him the perfect local base through which to pass the wealth of his experience on to a new generation of Scuba Diving Professionals.

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